Online Forms​​ & Home Care Instructions

Online Forms​​ & Home Care Instructions

​Do you hate paperwork? We know you do. At Love Your Smile, we want you to have a good visit. We all know how it feels to arrive for an appointment and have someone behind a check-in desk hand us a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. It's not enjoyable and often times, the clipboard is handed to us with an air of dismissal. Unfortunately, in order to become familiar with your medical history and submit those insurance claim forms on your behalf, we do need you to fill out forms. However, we can make it much more convenient by asking you to fill out medical and insurance forms online, using either your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. Isn't that nice? 🙂

​When you visit this page, you also have access to consent and home-care instructions forms that may have been given to you while you were in the office. Feel free to download and print them from here, in the event that you misplace your copies.

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Requesting an appointment is easy! Just click on the appointment request button and fill out your information. We'll give you a call, text, or email to confirm your appointment.

New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms are available online.  The links are available on the right if you're viewing this page on a desktop computer, or just below if you're on a mobile device.